Heather M. Griffith, M.Ed., Ed.S. Board Licensed School Psychologist

Heather M. Griffith, M.Ed., Ed.S. Board Licensed School Psychologist

Heather M. Griffith, M.Ed., Ed.S. Board Licensed School PsychologistHeather M. Griffith, M.Ed., Ed.S. Board Licensed School Psychologist




Heather Griffith, Owner and Manager of Psychological and Academic Consulting and Evaluation LLC, is a Board-Licensed School Psychologist. She received her Master of Education and Educational Specialist degrees at The College of William & Mary in Virginia. She has worked with children in grades K-12 primarily as a school psychologist but also as an administrator, social worker, and guidance counselor. She has training and expertise in child development and behavior, interventions, and Special Education. In addition, Ms. Griffith has lived a life full of diversity and experiences. As a military dependent, throughout her childhood and adolescence she was embedded in the cultures of Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Italy, and Germany. She also lived in Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado before returning to her native Ohio. 



Every individual is unique -- in terms of traits, abilities, strengths, needs, and experiences. And every family and situation has its unique dynamics. Ms. Griffith's comprehensive approach integrates information from evaluations as well as input from the client and the people who comprise his or her support system to provide solutions that work.


Why Us?

Ms. Griffith is proud to partner with Jolie S. Brams, PhD and Associates, a well-respected and established practice that has served our diverse Columbus community for over 35 years. Ms. Griffith brings knowledge of special education, child development, comprehensive evaluation, and the impact of trauma on cognitive and social-emotional development over the lifespan. She is aware of the unique dynamic of the school environment and knows the current laws, policies, and best practices. She has worked with a wide array of children and families over many years to identify barriers and address them effectively using a "whole" child, individualized approach.