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Heather M. Griffith, M.d., Ed.S.
Experienced evaluation and consultation

Psychoeducational Evaluations


A customized evaluation will identify social-emotional and cognitive skills and needs

Evaluation and diagnostic services include:

- Diagnosis of learning disabilities in children and adults

- Achievement testing: reading, writing, math

- IQ testing

- Social-emotional and behavioral status

- Speech/language

- Sensory issues


- Autism 

- Target skills for IEPs  

- Testing accommodations for College Board exams

Many one-to-one assessments are completed on an iPad, which increases engagement and effort level. This means more valid results. Questionnaires can be completed by parents and teachers online, maximizing convenience.

A psychoeducational report will include detailed assessment results and personalized intervention ideas. 

We use assessment tools that are widely used and recognized by schools, doctors, and therapists, making it easy to coordinate services. We also use assessments that are accepted by the College Board.