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Heather M. Griffith, M.d., Ed.S.
Experienced evaluation and consultation


Assistance with the mitigation process

It is my passion to ensure just outcomes for individuals. I contribute to the mitigation process through assessing for learning and cognitive disabilities, conducting interviews and reviewing records, completing reports or presentations as needed, providing the most current research on disabilities and cognitive functioning, and testifying regarding the impact of trauma on the developing brain. I can also assist with interpreting and identifying patterns within your client's school and Special Education records.

It is quite common for an offender to have experienced trauma as a child, and those experiences have powerful, direct, and somewhat predictable effects on important aspects of functioning that include:

- intellectual disability

- cognitive development

- social-emotional development

- academic development

- adaptive functioning

- impulse control

- making rational decisions

- distortion in perceptions of situations, environments, and the actions of others

When a traumatic childhood combines with learning disabilities, there is an added layer of complexity that we can help you to uncover.